With the help of some scholars, I founded the Miroslaw-Matyja-Academia for Democracy in Indonesia: 

Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy – Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy (

The aim of this institution is to help the students in Indonesia. The students in this country have poor opportunities to study online, there is a lack of infrastructure and basic resources. 

That is why we try to contact other universities as part of the Academia for the Indonesian students. We organize everything in our free time and at our own expense. I would like to ask you whether you could support us financially? We would be very grateful. Even a small donation is very important - the educational situation in Indonesia is really very difficult. 

Democracy means also education. 

Thank you in advance for your answer. 

Best regards, 

Prof. Miroslaw Matyja

Bank transfer on behalf of
UBS Switzerland

Account Holder Name: Prof. Dr. mult. Miroslaw Matyja Dr. h.c.

Bank: UBS Switzerland.

IBAN: CH03 0023 5235 9017 1594 0

Western Union

Beneficiary Name: Muhammad Ridwan

First Name: Muhammad

Last Name: Ridwan

Address: Jalan HM.Said Gg. Wongso No. 37 Medan (North Sumatera)

Country: Indonesia

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