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on receiving doctorat honoris causa and the honorary professor at the Lviv University of Business and Law for supporting and development of education and democracy in the world, 1st October 2021 in Lemberg (Ukraine). 



Professor Dr. Mult. Miroslaw Matyja
Prof. Dr. Mult. Miroslaw Matyja


Professor Dr. Mult. Miroslaw Matyja, is political scientist, economist and historian. He is professor at the Indian Management School and Research Centre in Mumbai (India), at the Polish University Abroad in London, and at the Selinus University in Bologna (Italy), an honorary professor at the Logos International University in Miami (USA). 

He specializes in political systems, especially in the system of direct democracy and analyzes the possibilities of introducing this system in different countries. 

He is author of bestseller-book “Utopia or chance? Direct democracy in Switzerland, Poland, and other countries”

Mirosław Matyja Fmiroslawmatyja.com

Muhammad Ridwan
Muhammad Ridwan
Vice Director

Muhammad Ridwan is a lecturer in some universities for over 15 years and managing 10 international journals, books as well as event organizer in some international seminars. 

He has published some manuscripts  and academic researches for every year indexed by Scopus with the Scopus ID: 57208655313

He is also as chief editor in some well known journals. Now, he is as a vice director in Miroslaw Matyja Academy for Democracy.

“Enjoying The Problem” is the motto of his life  and it is applied till now. It is not easy but it should be done patiently and professionally.

Global Research Centre for Knowledge Management

BIRCU Publisher and MMAFD organize a platform for international knowledge management. We are constantly inviting scientists and students to take an active part and to communicate their own ideas for scientific development, topics for the conferences, and ideas for publications etc. We cordially invite other people for whom democracy and education in the world are important. We look forward to this global exchange of knowledge.

Contact Person:
Prof. Miroslaw Matya
Email: m.matyja@sunrise.ch
Mobile: + 41764233412

Muhammad Ridwan
Email: bukharyahmedal@gmail.com
Mobile: 081375313465

Postgraduate Degree in Global Democracy

Change the World Around You!

Miroslaw-Matyja-Academia for Democracy (MMAFD) is a top-ranked academic institution with life-changing research and a progressive approach to other universities, making it different from the rest.  At the MMAFD, postgraduate students learn by doing—shaping the world around them with a hands-on approach. Innovators, thinkers and magic-makers choose MMAFD to jump right into postgraduate studies.

The MMAFD is a diverse world-community with the freedom to challenge, to question and to think differently. Our community pursues academic excellence, breaks boundaries and makes a positive impact on real-world problems.

Postgraduate Degree in Global Democracy

If you're looking for work in the diplomacy, the public sector, the international business or in non-governmental organisations, our Postgraduate Studies in Global Democracy is the course for you. It's also excellent preparation for PhD work in politics or in the social sciences.

Ethics and politics are two dimensions of democratic development by society. But which democracy is the best?

The Postgraduate Studies in Global Democracy at the MMAFD aims to respond to these demands, dealing with the great topics of ethics and political systems, with special emphasis on direct democracy.


• You’ll engage with contemporary transitions and uncertainties in the field of global democracy.

  • • This programme offers fully flexible study by providing for online participation.
  • • Courses are supervised by the best professors in the world.
  • • Students are equipped with the theoretical tools for an understanding of political systems and democratic institutions in the world.
  • • This unique programme offers the analysis of the functions and dysfunctions of all democratic systems today
  • • Why is direct democracy the best political system in the world? In this course you will get the answer to this question.
Postgraduate entry requirements

• Postgraduate degrees include a number of qualifications that require a bachelor’s degree.

  • • Equivalent international qualifications as deemed acceptable by the MMAFD
    • No bachelor's degree but three years of relevant work experience.
Duration and Beginning

Two semesters, beginning the studies is possible any time - after registration and payment.

Tuition Fees and Payment

The tuition fee for entrants 2021: $100.

  • After confirmation of your admission to the course, you have 2 weeks to pay the fee.
    Transfer to the account:
  • 1. Western Union 
  • Beneficiary Name: Muhammad Ridwan
  • First Name: Muhammad
  • Last Name: Ridwan
  • Address: Jalan HM.Said Gg. Wongso No. 37 Medan (North Sumatera)
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Mobile Number: +62 813-7531-3465

2. Bank Transfer

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Bank: PT. Bank Mandiri(Persero) Tbk.Image result for logo bank mandiri png

Branch: KCP Medan Letda. Sujono

Branch Code: 10607

A/C no: 106-00-1237210-1

A/C Type: Current Account

Call Center: Mandiri Call 14000

Swift Code: BMRIIDJA

3. Paypal

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account: paypal@mmafd.or.id

Structure / three parts

 1. Participation on online lectures / modules

  • After registration and payment, students get access to the lectures online.
  • 2. Participation in one of the scientific conferences organized by MMAFD / Bircu Publisher

3. Final Thesis


The main requirement for a postgraduate degree at the MMAFD is to submit the final thesis whose minimum length have to be 20-25 pages. The students choose the topic of the thesis themselves - the MMAFD-professors help the students and accept the topic. The thesis will be reviewed and evaluated by an academic committee of the MMAFD.  The thesis can be published in one of the BIRCU journals: Publication – Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy (mmafd.or.id) 

Send registration application

Download and fill the application form (file: Application Form) by attaching the required documents specified in the application and send by email to: mmafd.academia@gmail.com

Date of admission: any time.

Download Aplication Form

Board of Advisors at MMAFD

prof hiroko
Prof. Hiroko Oe

Principal Academic in Marketing at Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University. Ph.D. Degree from Waseda University(Japan).
Address: 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8E.
email: hoe@bournemouth.ac.uk 

Prof. Bansu. I. Ansari
Prof. Bansu. I. Ansari

Rector in Jabal Ghafur University, Sigli, Indonesia.
email: bansuansari58@gmail.com 

Dr Pravin Parmar
Dr. Pravin Parmar

Director and Founder of 20 years old management Institute – Indian Management School & Research Centre.
email: info@imsrindia.com 

Prof. Bashar H. Malkawi
Prof. Bashar H. Malkawi

Working as Global Professor of Practice in Law at University of Arizona.
email: bmalkawi@arizona.edu  

Congratulation on the Achievement of International Accreditation to MMAFD!
Congratulation on the Achievement of International Accreditation to MMAFD!

Congratulation to: 

Prof.Dr. Mult. Mirosław Matyja which has received a prestigious and well-known  award for supporting democratic education in the world given by the Companionship Hipolit Cegielski in Poznan in Poland.


MMAFD has received the most prestigious "NATIONAL EDUCATION LEADERSHIP AWARD" in recognition of sterling merit, excellence performance, and outstanding contribution for the nation & worldwide in the field of distance education since a decade.

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Global Democracy and Education


Prof. Dr. mult. habil. Miroslaw Matyja; Muhammad Ridwan, Ph.D (cand); Dr. Saiful Anwar Matondang; Prof. Hiroko Oe; Prof. Takuji Takemoto; Yahya Muhammed Bah, Ph.D (cand); Prof. Dr. Pravin Parmar; Prof. Dr. Bashar H. Malkawi; Prof. Dr. Bansu. I. Ansari, M.Pd. 


Muhammad Ridwan, Ph.D (cand); 

Prof. Dr. mult. habil. Miroslaw Matyja 

Cover & Layout: 

Khairunnisa Tambunan 

Published by: 

Budapest International Research and Critics University (BIRCU-Publishing)


First Publication: 

July 2021 




US$ 40 

best seller book
Bestseller Book

Utopia or Chance?: Direct Democracy in Switzerland, Poland, and Other Countries: Amazon.in: Matyja, Miroslaw

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