About Us
Professor Dr. Mult. Miroslaw Matyja

MMAFD is well known for diversified activities including online teaching, training, research, and consulting, which are the four pillars of quality education, and MMAFD is strongly built on the power of these four pillars of quality education. The Institute fosters and nurtures leaders of tomorrow who are capable of making difference in society. The institution works very closely with other universities and organizations in the world.

Education at MMAFD is primarily based on three powerful concepts i.e. Creation of Knowledge, Dissemination of Knowledge, and Application of Knowledge. The batches of online postgraduate students have performed exceedingly well and often crossed unmarked terrain in their journey to create new lives for themselves through hard work and sacrifice, making it easy for the future batches to follow in their footsteps. 

Vision: “To be a world class online Institution, providing value based quality education with adherence to latest knowledge, conduct interdisciplinary research in emerging areas of management and other emerging fields leading to sustainable socio-economic development of the nation.”

Mission and Aims

The Miroslaw Matyja Academia for Democracy (MMAFD) was established in Indonesia in 2021. This institution aims to promote the values of democracy and global democratic education in the world. The MMAFD supports global online-education.

In this view, MMAFD aims to strengthen direct democracy and citizens’ participation on the local, national and transnational level across the globe. MMAFD stands for a globalisation of direct democracy and a democratisation of transnational educational processes. The right to education transcends national boundaries.

Learning and exchange

Democracy and the democratic process of education are never completed but always in process. Therefore we offer cheap opportunities to study in different countries.